Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 8: Growth Mindset

Marching band. Source: Pixabay

I completed the 'beyond school' challenge. This was a useful challenge because it made me think about how I can inspire others and have them effectively incorporate the growth mindset in their own lives.
I teach band every morning. Sometimes the students aren't always eager to push themselves and get better. Having the growth mindset myself makes me aware that I can always be a better teacher and work on the traits that allow this to occur.
Band itself teaches students the growth mindset. You're constantly practicing and getting better, no matter your talent level. There's always room for growth.
My favorite instructor once told me that "it's not about perfection, but the perfect approach" and I feel like that is applicable in all situations in life.

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  1. I really liked reading what you had to say on the growth mindset. I agree on what your band teacher said "it's not about perfection, but the perfect approach." I to agree this applicable in all situations in life to.